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Right At The Door
Right At The Door


PUBLISHER: Xulon Press

PUBLICATION DATE: August 1, 2022
ISBN 10: 1662851456

ISBN 13: 978-1662851452
Kindle, Paperback


Author David Eymann, a life-long pastor and teacher, brings new understanding to many questions you have about the book of Revelation. This fresh, new look at the last days expounds the prophecies with intriguing clarity, pushing readers to understand their relevance. The return of Jesus is Right at the Door. Do you really know what lies ahead? Recent history and current events are right now unmasking and interpreting the great prophecies. Consider these facts.

     •    Five of the seven trumpet warnings have already occurred.
     •    The beast of Revelation 13 is not the Antichrist; it is America.
     •    The 8th beast of Revelation 17 is an Arab-Muslim alliance of ten nations.
     •    The age of electronics, in these last days, is a major theme in Revelation.
     •    New York City, “Babylon, the great prostitute”, is headed for destruction.

Are you determined, not just curious, to know and understand? Then this book is for you.

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A different take on end times

Where did we get our current thoughts about The Anti-Christ and end time events?
Do they stand up to serious study?

What if what we think we know about Revelation is not the only way to view it?

Good questions to ask, and good answers are found in this book!

I highly recommend it!

Reviewed By: Amazon Customer

Right At The Door
Right At The Door
Right At The Door
Right At The Door
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